Thursday, August 5, 2010

Some like it old (:

This is all about the good, old things :)
Yes. In life, we see two bevies of people. One that embraces changes swiftly and comes across as the accomplished one. The other has to get pampered by circumstances.
Let me be honest. None's better or none's worse.

I very easily belong to the latter.

Some of us like the nicer things. That familiar smile from a random neighbourhood person. Or that hug from daddy when you need it. Or the friends that you know and see everyday. The group that you easily fit in.
For some, getting used to new people and new surroundings is as nightmarish as finding the perfect pair of shoes.

And what makes it worse, is the swarm of people who find you weird, for not opening up. I think everyone has reasonable inhibitions in portraying oneself.
We need to give people some space and some time. Instead of pointing out so many flaws in people who have a hard time, it gets easier if we make each other comfortable.

Whatever happened to courtesy and patience?
That's why I miss the good,old, OLD times. When people were so genuine.
Now, everything comes with a price, a motive. You know how , when the mind is simple, how everything else around you becomes simple!

Everything is cloudy now. And you've got to get a way out.

How I wish everything were neat.
Nevertheless, I'm happy with the little circle of people who're mine!

Cheers to sugar and spice and everything nice!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A book- racy and intriguing!!

Intrigue is probably the best one word description of Sidney Sheldon's ,' The Other Side Of Midnight'. In two words, brilliant characterization!
It is said that he is repetitive in his plots and characters. But, this is my first.
I could not put down the book. It kept popping newer plots and twists!
'What next?' was always in my mind!
It revolves around two women and two men.

Catherine Alexander-Douglas grew up in the usa. She is a typical teenager,checking on her looks, all the time. She blossoms into a graceful woman. She is intelligent and gentle. She wants to make a mark in life. She's strong and determined. Her obvious and innate drawback is her lack of confidence. She's easily gullible and alternatively emotional and reticent, at the wrong places!
She is all set to marry the kind and respectful Bill Fraser when Larry Douglas jumps in and she gets carried away. Later, it is revealed that Larry is interested in Noelle Page, the next character.

Noelle Page is the pivotal character of the book. She was born to be a legend, a star. No, she was not born with a silverspoon. It is a rags-to-riches journey. Her beauty is her biggest asset, notwithstanding her intelligence, for she isn't the familiar, dumb blonde! Before Catherine, Noelle falls in love with Larry. For Larry, it's just a fling. This starts the central plot of the book. Noelle Page turns into the most sought-after actress, all in a bid to lure Larry back and kill him. As the plot is revealed, she falls in love with him, all over again and they conspire to kill Catherine!Larry does not remember the Noelle he once knew. He falls for Noelle, the actress.
Noelle too has one inexplicable weakness. It's her capriciousness!

Lawrence(Larry) Douglas is a strong,determined and accomplished pilot. A former employee of the RAF, he's a strong man, the hunk whose life is intertwined with that of Noelle and Catherine. Larry is considered charming. He turns out to be flustered, moody, self-obsessed and nonchalant. He is perceived to be intellectual and accomplished. However, by the end of the book, he's a remorseful man. He's Noelle's other half, childish,immature and capricious!

The man who emerges victorius is Constantin Demiris, the legendary greek tycoon, Noelle's beau in the eyes of the world. She pretends to be his mistress just to lure Larry. Demiris is the strongest character in the book. He controls with his fingers the lives of the other three. He is known for his paybacks. He is grateful to the people who helped him. He's insatiably greedy to witness the destruction of his enemies! At the end, Noelle and Larry become his players. As said earlier, they almost murder Catherine and are tried, for the gory murder. That's when the country's best lawyer, Mr.Chotas turns the tide to Demiris's favour and both are executed!There ends the life of Ms.Noelle Page! The world missed a highly talented performer.
In the epilogue, it is unfurled that Cathy's life is saved! Demiris was fair after, all!

It was a good way to spend my extrememly numb holidays. I liked the book.
The book is truly intriguing, for the umpteenth time, with strong and real characters.

A movie to remember?

A walk to remember.
It strikes a million chords! It is because thousands of homo sapiens love this movie!
This is not a movie review. Frankly, I saw nothing in it!
It is highly stereotypical. 'Bad boy', Landon Carter(Shane West) meets 'good girl', Jamie Sullivan(Mandy Moore) and they fall in love, over drama rehearsals! It is done overtly, in particular,the tear-jerking parts of the storyline . Jamie's mother died when she was young.
She is made fun of, at school for owning just one sweater. As you may now know, she'a a geek. And Landon's a boy who grew up too early, being indifferent and insensitive.
Afterward, their relationship is on a dreamrun. He gets a star named after her. He metamorphoses into a caring, respectful man, full of awe.
As destiny has it, she reveals to him that she has Leukemia. There ends the candy floss! And then begins the heartwrenching part!
The lines in the movie are widely quoted. Some are cliche! "Our love is like the wind. I can't see it, but I can feel it."and "Without suffering there would be no compassion.". Some are genuine. "Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful."
All in all, not a must see movie. If you can shed some tears, watch it!
Not a great cast. The only good thing about it is the song 'Only Hope' by Mandy Moore.
It's wonderful. Great lyrics and soft melody.
Well, it might not be a movie to remember. But, it's widely pampered!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A walk in the evening

Blogging will be what I do for a few days now. My fingers ache to type my mind out.
Anyway, it's about the lousy weather and a walk :)A walk with daddy on Father's Day!
I'm one of those rare people (not out of pride, I'm just weird) who love to go out for a lovely jog but do not, out of sheer couch-potatoed complacency! If I've hit on anything (hitting on people? Let's not talk about it!) a zillion times till now, it's the snooze button. Somehow, I nudged myself to enjoy a pleasant walk.
How veritably pleasant! Radio Indigo was my partner!
As I walked in the neighbourhood park, I listened to some feet-tapping numbers and enjoyed watching the people, the verdant trees and the velvet sky. And a plump kid down the slide. What fun it was, to watch the fat kid climb up the ladder :)
Not very soon did I get all sweaty. I liked it today! And I hope to keep it going this way. The fitter, the better! (Umm..I still have a meanderingly long way to get fit!)
I will write soon. With a saner topic ;) and in a better incisive way.

Saturday, June 19, 2010



Making decisions is like playing hop,skip and jump. That's how my hypothesis puts it.
What could be misleading is, it looks very straightforward. But, believe me, you're in for a ride. If only things were un-deceivingly simple!
If time heals, it steals also. So, the it's about skipping and jumping at THE right moment. Many of us many jump too early and hurt ourselves. Or wait for the already surpassed right moment, to skip! Hints are aplenty. And counsels come either with a dash(just a dash!) of exaggeration or slight understatement. Picking up hints is your call. But, you see..hints come, all cornered, and distractions come blatantly. That's the way of life. :)
Then come choices! Oh, my! They ask me to decide between Black and Purple!Both are sweltering hot! No,it's not allowed to pick both(although,both would make a super combo!). It's 'Pick one or you get none!'. I pick something random. The other beckons. Honestly, it calls out loud! The conventional way of listing pros and cons makes you biased and gets you back to where you started, ab initio! Two in the bush and none at hand.
Sometimes, I wish I were a bullet train at shutterspeed! It goes places, no matter what. Is it about taking up one thing and moving on? Or is it about intelligent unforeseeable foresight? I do not comprehend. It puts me in a condescending position. One thing I say to me, now is:
"Sooner or later, all will make sense!!"
What have you got to say?

Am I a soap opera addict already?

Alright. Do not whisk away reading the title. I loathe the 'K' serials as much as most anti-Ekta Kapoor people do. So, it's not about the grand old Indian television operas( no sarcasm quotations required!). Make way for sitcoms. They keep me hooked to star world or the iwatchnetwork, most of the time.
Currently, Dr.Sheldon Cooper tops, in my admiration list of the memorable characters.
His "Bazzinga", his very bizarre smile and self-confessed ,dazzling brilliance, all have me made me obsess over him. This one guy does not drop his jaws over the hot blonde in his building.
My title and the person in consideration do not exactly go together. But I have wondered, "If any nerd is hilarious, it's him!". This physics genius clearly steals the show. He sings and I go,"Oh good lord!". He goes to halloween, not dressed as Superman or Batman, but as what most Science related people would call, 'Doppler Effect'. Pretty hard to imagine, huh?
And this guy basically drinks non-alcoholic beverages at a bar. If it's any TV personality I'd ever wanna meet, it's Jim Parsons aka Sheldon Cooper. Way to go Sheldon!
This probably answers the question. I may be moving towards addiction.
While I think of that, Thanks for reading this. :]